Friday, December 28, 2007

I'm PanaGeek finalist?

Just got called this morning, informing me that I was selected as one of the top 20 finalists of PanaGeek 2007, along with Lim Fang-Ying and my lab partner Ho Wing Teng.

Glad to know that I was given a chance to compete in the final round. At the same time, I'm also sad. My dear friend, Wing Teng was recently warded into Hospital and just had an operation. His condition is now stable. The bad news is that he may need to stay in the ward for 2 weeks or so. I hope the officials of PanaGeek can made special arrangements for him, or extend the date for the final round. It's important that everyone can compete on equal grounds. I believe no participants would like to win, knowing that he/she won because someone couldn't come that day :).


eusin85 said...

Agreed, winning knowing that someone worth competing is not around is truelly pointless. It's not winning then ..

Chew said...

Congrats mate. Seriously. Do us (by us I mean DC, WK and me) proud