Friday, September 14, 2012

The irrational hate

Granted that people likes to hate. Sometimes it is justifiable. Often times, it is not. Take for example this post:

The claim was that, the new Apple's iPod Nano sometimes has stolen some design cues from Nokia Lumia.

The new iPod Nano looked like this:

Nokia Lumia 800 looked like this:
Wow. It seems to be true then. Apple is copying Nokia. Until you looked further. Nokia Lumia's design actually came from Nokia N9, which had a similar design. The Nokia N9 looked like this:
Nokia N9, on the other hand was released on September 2011.

This is how the previous generation of Apple's iPod Nano (which was released on September 2010) looked like:

Eh, this is difficult, I wonder who is copying who?

Now, I would hate to be engaged in anymore hate fest. I love my android, and I don't think I will be buying any Apple products anytime soon, but this irrational hate fest makes me wanna just go out and buy some Apple products, just so I can screw with those egoistic Apple hater.

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