Sunday, October 25, 2009

Table of results for Caltech 256 dataset

This is a table documenting some of the best results some paper obtained in Caltech-256 dataset.

Results shown here are all trained using 30 samples from each category.
  1. Visualizing and Understanding Convolutional Networks (ARXIV 2013)
    Cited 14 times. 70.6% ± 0.2%
  2. Multipath Sparse Coding Using Hierarchical Matching Pursuit (CVPR 2013)
    Cited 7 times. 50.7%
    Additional info: Multipath Hierarchical Matching Pursuit
    Link to paper's project page
  3. Learning Subcategory Relevances for Category Recognition (CVPR 2008)
    Cited 48 times. 49.5%
  4. Spatially Local Coding for Object Recognition (ACCV 2010)
    Cited 1 time. 46.6% ± 0.2%

    Additional info: Multi-scale SIFT features extracted every 4 pixels.

    Link to paper's project page
    Link to paper's source code
  5. On Feature Combination for Multiclass Object Detection (ICCV 2009)
    Cited 376 times. 45.8%
    Additional info:
    Link to paper's project page (Contains results, source code and pre-computed features)
  6. Image Classification using Random Forests and Ferns (2007)
    Cited 412 times. 45.3%
  7. Local Pyramidal Descriptors for Image Recognition (PAMI 2013)
    Cited 1 time. 44.86%
    Additional info: 
    P-SIFT + Fisher encoding + SPM + Linear SVM
    Link to paper's project page (Contains source code and demo)
  8. A Binary Classification Framework for Two-Stage Multiple Kernel Learning (2012)
    Cited 5 times. 44.8%
  9. Efficient Learning of Sparse, Distributed, Convolutional Feature Representations for Object Recognition (ICCV 2011)
    Cited 21 times. 42.05%
    Additional info: CRBM K=4096
  10. In Defense of Nearest-Neighbor Based Image Classification (CVPR 2008)
    Cited 478 times. 42%
    Additional info: NBNN (5 descriptors)
  11. Locality-constrained Linear Coding for Image Classification (CVPR 2010)
    Cited 547 times. 41.19%
  12. Local Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor for Image Classification (2011)
    Cited 20 times. 40.1%
  13. Sparse Spatial Coding: A Novel Approach for Efficient and Accurate Object Recognition (ICRA 2012)
    Cited 9 times. 37.08% ± 0.36%
  14. Caltech-256 object categoriy dataset (2007)
    Cited 596 times. 34.1%
  15. Linear spatial pyramid matching using sparse coding for image classification (CVPR 2009)
    Cited 713 times. 34.02%
  16. Kernel codebooks for scene categorization (ECCV 2008)
    Cited 242 times. 27.17%


jmakov said...

This blog simply rocks! Tnx.

jmakov said...

This blog simply rocks! Thank you for the efforts. Are there any changes in this table? Is it possible to see the execution speed?

Hao Wooi Lim said...

@jmakov: Yes, I will continue to update this page whenever there is any updates. Regarding execution speed, I think it's a good idea. However, since not all author reveal their implementation's execution speed, it's not possible to know. I suggest you to contact the author directly if you need the information.