Friday, March 06, 2009

Return to research

This is a post foreshadowing my come back to the research world. I've been thinking a lot about vision. How do we humans perceive things? How do we recognize things? How do we get a sense of deja vu after seeing things we have seen before?

Even though I do not have the answer to these perplexing questions. I do however think that I *might* have a solution that might solve it to a certain degree. That's a pretty modest statement. But I'm not going to claim anything more exotic before I come up with a working prototype.

The ideas I have in mind have a lot to do with time-based learning, that is, learning not just things but the relationships they have. That is, that certain meaningful things appear to have an order. For example, you do not see a cat walking by, then suddenly it become a dog for half a second, then magically becoming a cat again. Things are not random. They appear in logical order. The idea is nothing new. It has been addressed by Jeff Hawkins in his work on Hierarchical Temporal Memory.

End of part 1. I will talk more about this later.

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