Monday, May 05, 2008

End of examination. Begining of research life.

Today marks the last day of my examination in this 3 year UTAR life. And I feel like this is the worst examination of all, and the only paper that I have the confidence to get at least A- is AI. To me, doing good in examination just don't motivate me that much anymore, what motivates me more now is research and development in things related to applied AI and computer vision. Which although sounds hard, is actually a lot easier than you might think, because there is no fixed and established way of doing things. Therefore, it tends to tax your creativity more. It's a lot harder to study, understand and memorizes things that other genius scientist/engineer has established, which is what is expected of you in university. In world of research, you don't necessary have to do it using other scientists' ways. They could be wrong and there seems to be always room for improvement. Everyone is solving a small piece of the puzzle, and no one knows the complete solution.

However, before I officially begin my research life, I will take a detour to work in Panasonic R&D for 1 year or so, commencing on June, before coming back to UTAR to begin my Master degree course.

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