Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eventual justice theory and Reverse psychology

The above story is about a young blogger land herself in trouble because she blog about an incidence where by her fellow students cheated during a test and she claimed that the teacher who knew about it did nothing to stop it. She was demanded to remove her blog entry.

My thoughts? Why bother? Cheating does them no good. If you know reporting it does you no good as well, then why bother making a fuss out of it? It's nice of what she did. But in some cases, justice may not prevail. Even thought it eventually will. Someday those who have cheated may regret about it. And that will be the times justice served them right.

The important issue to remember here is that, we should NOT condemn her for what she SHOULD or SHOULD HAVE done, but rather, why she is treated, the way she is treated when she has done nothing unlawful or wrong. If someone did something unwise and get punished, and he/she did something within the boundaries of the law, one must question the intention of the punisher, no? *hint hint*

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