Monday, September 24, 2007

eGenting programming competition 2007 experience

On the 22th of September, me and my friends participated in this year's programming contest. In my case, I managed to complete (or almost) 2 questions. The Financial Statements (report) and the Air Polution Monitor.

For the first question, I (believe) I almost nailed it but with mistakes here and there nonetheless. The code that I wrote was also extremely inefficient. It was a pain to write a program without a computer or with a decent IDE like NetBeans. I guess my programming has got rusty by being overly dependent on IDE.

For the forth question, I did slightly worse than the first question as I got some of the concept wrong. For example, for the file reading part, I read the wrong function (I used a binary file reader) and thus it won't work. What an idiot!

As for the other 2 questions, well, they are blank, as I had ran out of time.

Overall, I feel that the questions are getting *slightly* easier as the year goes by, but still considerably tough for most students. Either that, or my skills are improving. Haha!

For those who are interested at looking at the questions, heard over to The solution is there as well.

If nothing comes out of it, well, at least it was a great experience.

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